Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cycle Tour to Houseboats of Victoria

This is just a short ride with lots of great scenery down by the wharfs. I started this ride on the Galloping Goose trail and turned onto Esquimalt Road to head up to the Westbay Marina. At least there is a proper bike lane along Esquimalt Road which made the ride a bit less sketchy on the busy road.
 Turn left once you reach Head Street and go down the hill to Westbay Marina. There are a few houseboats down here and a nice view of the water.

Once you are ready to head onwards, backtrack to Esquimalt Road and go towards downtown again. Cross the Blue Bridge and follow the water along the inner harbour roads of Wharf Street and then Government Street. Watch out though as these areas can be busy with tourist crossing in front of you, as well as cars. Just keep a head up and you can still enjoy the sights. Go up Government Street, past the Empress Hotel, and then turn right on Superior Street. Follow this road to the end and you will come to Fisherman's Wharf, a lively and eclectic area where most of the colorful houseboats are.

There are food vendors here now too. Of course fish and chips, and now mexican! Stop for a bite if you like. Relax and check out the funky houseboats. Each one seems to try to outdo the other in their oddity! Have fun!

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