Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Joys of Summer-Blackberries and a Bike

The end of summer always brings about mixed emotions as the days grow a little shorter and the mornings a little cooler. One thing to love about this time of year though is all the fresh fruit and vegetables we have been waiting all summer for, like tomatoes and apples, are ready for harvesting. An end of summer staple on Vancouver Island are blackberries, at their sweet and juicy prime right about now.

The Himalayan blackberry, while the bane of many due to its invasive and thorny nature, is widespread in southwest BC and can be found everywhere in the areas of Vancouver Island. This blackberry bush especially likes sunny spots, and is usually found near roadsides and trails, perfect access for gathering on a bike. The Galloping Goose trail has many of these bushes growing alongside it, but of course you can find your own secret spot for picking on a trail near you. People here guard their secret berry spots zealously!

Blackberries can be found alongside many trails in the region
Watch out for those thorns!

Berry picking by bike is easy as long as you come equipped with the right tools. If you have a basket on your bike for carrying all the plump berries home, all the better, but a few plastic containers with a lid will do just fine. Pack them in your bag or backpack and you are good to go.
Sweet and good for you
Eat them, freeze them, can them, whatever you want, just go get them! They won't be around for long.

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