Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Pender Island, BC - Brooks Point Park

A very scenic walk to take on Pender Island is Brooks Point Park and Gowlland Point.

First, drive to the very end of Gowlland Point Road on Southern Pender Island and walk down the staircase to the beach at Gowlland Point.  Here you can see across the water to islands in the distance such as Orcas Island in the USA.

At Gowlland Point, Pender Island 
Look for a trail up to the grassy bluff on the right hand side. Take this trail and follow it over to Brooks Point Park.

The path leads to another beach, with many interesting shaped beach wood and carved out rocks.

Go back up onto the grassy bluff and continue onwards.

Another beach is just over the next rocky slope.

Choose your favourite beach and stay a while!

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