Friday, 17 August 2012

Crankworx Pump Track Challenge

It was another smoking hot day in Whistler yesterday, but that didn't slow the mountain bike riders down. The village was still awash in riders of all kinds, creating a fun vibe and atmosphere.
Tourists and riders intermix
Downhill racer checking out Joyride course

 Whistler Olympic Park was where  the Pump Track Challenge course was situated. This was the first year in this location and I thought this was a great idea, much easier for more people to see.

Course was at far end of this park, behind rings 
Basically the pump track is a short 20 second oval course full of berms, doubles and gaps where riders can showcase their skills without pedalling, just using their momentum to gain speed.

Start line for qualifying runs done earlier in the day

Off they go, timed trial 

As fast as you can 

Round the bend and to the finish line 

Finals at night, large crowd able to watch live and on screens
The finals were held in the evening, with two racers on the course at once. The top male and female  riders were defending champs Mitch Ropelato and Jill Kintner. Lots of fun to check out.

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