Friday, 17 August 2012

Crankworx Best Trick Showdown

Yesterday afternoon had the Best Trick Showdown at Crankworx. This has the top slopestyle mountain bike riders showing their best tricks off two seperate features on the Joyride slopestyle course. 
Run up to the Bud Light Cabin, jump off the roof or off the patio

Flipping in the air
Check out the height 
The event drew quite a crowd in the village, eager to watch the action.

Tricks keep getting harder,  front flip tuck no hander
Winners were Tom van Steenberger in session #2, with the above front flip. Session #1's winner was Vancouver Islander Jordie Lunn who did a huge corked 720. 
Jordie Lunn flying 

Is this some sort of yoga pose?
I can't wait to see what the guys do next, with the big Joyride event set for Saturday!

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