Friday, 17 August 2012

Whistler Mountain Bike Park Snapshots

I thought I would give a peak into some of the other mountain bike runs on Whistler. Since I am still at a beginner stage and progressing on the green runs, I obtained more photos from my fellow rider who is at a more advanced level than I. Most of the runs on Whistler are of a blue/intermediate level or black diamond/expert level. It's still fun for me to look at what those runs are like, so I can live vicariously through others braver than me!

Here is just a sample:
For pros only-yes that moss clearing is the actual run!

Tight Berms on Unsanctioned in Garbonzo Zone (Black Diamond)

Skinny Boardwalks on Devils Claw (Blue level) 

Devil's Claw-pray you make the turn!

Speeding down Blue Velvet in the Garbonzo Zone 

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