Monday, 1 April 2013

Cycle to Thetis Lake

Time to get back on the bike! Spring is here now in full force in Victoria, so a bike ride on this beautiful Easter weekend was definitely in order. A good option for a bike ride is along the Galloping Goose trail to Thetis Lake. This is approximately 11 km from Victoria (one way) to the lake , just take the Goose and then turn right onto Six Mile Road.

There are bike racks right at the beach. You can either sun yourself on the main sandy beach or opt to go for a hike around the lake, which is what I did. It's a beautiful hike, with the choice of just walking the lower lake or a slightly longer trail of the upper lake. The longer route is about a 40 minute walk, so still not too bad.

Fishing and boating are popular activities on the lake. The park is also very popular with dog owners, with lots of friendly pooches going for walks on the trails and running along the beach.

There are still lots of places to find your own quiet spot, away from the crowds at the main beach.

The hiking trail around the lake is not too difficult, with some small hills and some rocky spots to navigate.

Admire the delicate wildflowers along the way, adding colour to the green and brown forest.

After the hike, one can always go for a swim back at the main beach. Although no one was doing this today, as the water is still likely a little chilly. Only the dogs were swimming.

If you are feeling hungry after all this activity, you can head to a nearby pub. Cycle from Thetis Lake just down the hill on Six Mile Road, to the Six Mile Pub. It's a great place to grab a burger and has a nice riverside patio. Just being off the Galloping Goose Trail, they are a bike friendly bar, as displayed on their bike racks.

Here's to many more rides to come for this year! 

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