Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hike to McKenzie Bight

A great hike to do when you are looking for a good workout but nothing too long is the Ross Durrance Trail which loops down to McKenzie Bight and then back up through ferns and forest. It's about 3 km in total with a good variety of scenic spots and a vigourous climb back up the hill to get your heart pumping.

You can reach the trail just past Durrance Lake, and parking in the Mt. Work trail parking lot on Ross Durrance Road. The trail to get down to McKenzie Bight is then just across the road.

The way down to McKenzie Bight is an easy walk, with a wide path all the way down. There are loads of lush ferns in here, forming a sort of fern canyon in some parts.

Once you get down to McKenzie Bight, sit and enjoy the beautiful view of Finlayson Arm.

I once went swimming here, but as most Canadians know the ocean is very cold, even in somewhat sheltered spots. I usually just bring a picnic down or sit in the sun now, enjoying the nice scenery. It is usually fairly quiet down there, with not too many people around.

Once you are ready to head back, cross over a small wooden bridge at  the bottom of your original trail you took down, and head for a sign that signals the Cascade Trail.

Take your time on the climb up, it's a little ways still.

There is a steep dropoff on one side of the trail, but there is a wooden fence along it, so no problem.

Near the top there is a small waterfall you can somewhat make out through the trees. You can't miss it, since you will hear the water rushing.

 This trail is a great workout, with scenic vistas and fresh forest air.


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