Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Alpine Wilderness at Lake Helen McKenzie- Mt Washington

A good walk to do on Vancouver Island is the Lake Helen McKenzie and Battleship Lake Loop in Strathcona Provincial Park. It is approximately 8km long and will take about 2 hours, with not too much elevation change. It's easily accessed by driving up to Mt Washington Resort and then turning left onto Nordic Lodge Road and parking at the end where the Raven Lodge is located. There are numerous maps along the way, so it's easy to follow the trail.

There are lots of boardwalks through the meadow areas. Check out the wildflowers in the summer. On my walk, there were tons of wild blueberries too, very delicious. 

This is a great walk to do with just about anyone, young and old. 

Looking towards Mt Washington Ski Hill

Alpine Meadows
The path leads then through wooded forest towards Lake Helen McKenzie. Stop at the lake for a rest, but watch out for the Gray Jays. The ones here are very aggressive and tried to fly at me while I ate my lunch by the water, trying to grab it out of my hand. Better to eat somewhere else or be prepared to be harassed! Still it's a very beautiful setting. There are even some campgrounds here for tents. 

Lake Helen McKenzie
This is a great hike for a taste of the alpine wilderness on Vancouver Island.

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