Monday, 25 August 2014

Waterfalls Near Whistler

Here are some beautiful waterfalls near Whistler. All these are within reasonable driving or walking distance from Whistler.

Alexandra Falls is a beautiful, cascading waterfall. This one turned out to be my favourite one, a real hidden gem. We were the only ones there to view it at the time, and it's very easily accessible. It's located about 10 km south of Whistler, drive south until you see the sign for Callaghan Valley, then turn right. At the end of the road, on the left hand side is the parking lot for Alexandra Falls. The falls can then be viewed right there from a platform, no walking needed.

Alexandra Falls
Also nearby to Alexandra Falls, just a bit further south back on the highway is Brandywine Falls. This is a popular stop and well marked by signs on the highway. It's located about 11km south of Whistler. A 1 km stroll to the viewing platform provides a nice way to stretch your legs, and is an easy walk for all.

Brandywine Falls 
About 29 km north of Whistler, and just south of Pemberton is Nairn Falls. There is a parking lot just off Highway 99. This hike is not difficult, just a little longer than the others, and is about a 3km walk round trip. The trail does not have a lot of elevation, it just follows the river, but watch along the side as there is a bit of a drop off down. I saw all kinds of people walking it though, young and old.

Nairn Falls 

The water has carved though the rock

Nairn Falls 
Another hidden waterfall, but still very beautiful, is the one on the way to the Whistler Train Wreck (see my other blog posting for hiking directions).

Waterfall on hike to Whistler Train Wreck
Overall, there is much beauty in Whistler and much more to discover, as I find out each time I go there.

Have fun discovering it for yourself!

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