Monday, 29 September 2014

Pender Island- Hike to Greenburn Lake

A short hike to do on Pender Island is a walk to Greenburn Lake. This small lake is located on South Pender Island.

Greenburn Lake on South Pender Island 

If you like, you can walk from Poet's Cove Resort, about 5 minutes up the road to the start of the trail, or just park on the side of the road near the firehall on Gowland Point Road. The trail is marked near there, and is a wide path that slopes uphill . It will take about ten minutes or so to walk up, and is a good workout.

Wide, uphill trail 
After a short hike you will come to the small lake. I saw evidence on some trees and branches of a beaver gnawing on it, so there is one in the area. This lake is a good place to view wildlife and birds as it is very quiet and peaceful, away from any crowds. One could lay a blanket on the sunny spot of the trail near the grass to stay awhile and enjoy the solitude.

Peace and Solitude in Nature 

When you are done, head back down the trail the way you came. You can end your walk with a stop at Poet's Cove Resort, just a few minutes down the road. Have a drink on their pub patio or just sit and enjoy watching the boats in the marina.

Poet's Cove Resort on Pender Island 

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