Monday, 29 September 2014

Hike Up Castle Road Trail on South Pender Island

On a clear day, one can climb up Spalding Hill on South Pender Island to see the views. It is a short, but steep climb up some switchbacks, so you will get a good workout for the first fifteen minutes or so. The trailhead is on Castle Road.

Ready To Start The Climb
It only took me about ten or fifteen minutes to climb up to a bench , much needed for a rest.

Rest Area 
This area doesn't really have a view, but if you climb a small hill behind the bench to a bluff, there was a great view of Mt. Baker in Washington State. Try to go here on a clear day to be able to see it.

Beautiful Mt. Baker Off In The Distance 
After this viewpoint, you may as well hike back. The trail continues up further through forest , but then ends suddenly without much further views.

On Castle Road, also check out Lilias Spalding Heritage Park near the end of the road, for some local history. This historic property and homestead was once home to Lilias and Arthur Spalding, who lived here in the early part of the last century. The house that once stood there was torn down in the 1950's , but what remains are the remnants of an old farm building and an orchard. There is a picnic table to sit at and linger.

Remnants Of An Old Homestead Farm Building 
Have fun exploring Pender Island.

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