Monday, 13 October 2014

Fall Forest Hike- Tod Inlet

Out for a scenic but easy hike, with lots of fresh air and some water views? I tried the hike to Tod Inlet in Central Saanich. The trail is located off Wallace Drive, near Butchart Gardens and Benvenuto Road.

The trail is wide and easy, with a gentle slope down to the water. It was very peaceful and calm down by the waterfront. The trail roundtrip is about 4 km.

There are some picnic tables and a small dock. It seemed a very popular hike with quite a few people enjoying the trails and the day. Only after I got home, did I see an advisory online about a cougar spotted recently in the area. But that goes with the territory in these areas, it is a forest after all.

The area used to be a cement factory about one hundred years ago, and you can still see signs of its industrial past with some old rusted machinery or remnants of old buildings nestled into the forest. I also saw signs of restorations efforts, with new native plants and trees being planted and invasive brambles being cleared away. It's always nice to see signs of renewal in these beautiful, natural areas.

It was also nice to see some of the fall colours on the trees.
Fall Colours 

I did see a wildlife tree that looked like a woodpecker had been going crazy on it. Lots of little openings for birds and creatures to live in it now. I saw a Stellar Jay bird hanging out on its branches.
Home for Many Birds? 
Lush Moss Curtains Hang From Branches 
Enjoy the walk through the forest.

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