Monday, 29 September 2014

Disc Golf On Pender Island -A Must Do

A fun thing to do on Pender Island is to check out the Golf Island Disc Park. This is located on North Pender Island in the Magic Lake Estates, on Galleon Way at the top of the hill.

Disc Golf On Pender Island, A Must Do 
There are 27 holes, with the first 9 being poles and the rest being baskets. It's a great course for all ages, beginner or experienced, and the best thing is, it's free! All you need is a disc. Play as much as you want of it, you can just do 9 holes to try or do the whole 27.

Chain Baskets Make Up Many Of The Holes 
The course is in a beautiful, forested setting, all the more challenging for throwing your disc as the trees frequently pose obstacles. But that is part of the fun.
Start Area and Clubhouse
Holes Are Clearly Marked 
It's also good that there is not too much underbrush in this part of the forest, as it's easier to not lose your disc after a bad throw!

Throwing To The Pole At The Top Of The Hill (Almost There!)
It's great fun to try disc golf . Give it a try!

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