Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Walking Tour of Public Art in Victoria, BC- Favourite Murals and Sculptures

Victoria, BC has lots of great public art to check out, making a nice walk downtown. Here are some of my favourite ones. Start first in the parking lot for Capital Iron, on Store Street.

This one is a nice large-scale scenic mural covering the side of a retail building downtown. Now head up to Government Street and turn left at Fisgard, in Chinatown. There are a few great murals here. The first is between QV Bakery and Forum Restaurant. I love how this mural blends into the restaurant next door.

Beautiful Murals in Chinatown

Now go across the street towards the parkade to see another wonderful mural, this one of a family. Another few are around the corner too. 

Now go up Fisgard Street and cross over Douglas Street. At the corner of Douglas and Cormorant Street is another mural, this one depicting vintage cars and buildings.

Go up Cormorant Street and turn right on Blanshard Street. Walk up to the Ocean Island Hostel on the corner of Blanshard and Pandora. On the side of the building is the following mural, with a trompe l'oeil effect of the people in the windows.

Now keep heading down Blanshard Street towards Beacon Hill Park. One block past Blanshard and Belleville Street, you will see this public art.

I think this is a motto we can all live by. I also love the wittiness of the concrete bench below it, in the shape of a mattress.

Feeling Sleepy

Now head back on Douglas Street, and turn left on Belleville Street. Just past the Parliament Buildings, in the front of the Hotel Grand Pacific lies this public sculpture.

Avocados Anyone? 

If you really want to keep walking (or you can save this section of the walk for another time), head across the bridge to Vic West. At the Dockside Green development is this picture painted on a shipping container.

Head on the Galloping Goose Trail across the trestle bridge towards the Selkirk development. Just on the other side of the bridge, under the overpass is this colourful mural.

Now walk back across the wooden trestle bridge of the Galloping Goose trail and head over to Banfield Park. Cut across the park and head across the road to Pine Street and then left onto McCaskill Street. Here is a very cool mural the residents of this neighborhood did to help deter graffiti tagging and add art to their community. 
Colourful Mural on McCaskill Street in Vic West 

These are just some of my favourites here in Victoria, but there are many more to discover. Have fun finding the ones you like! 

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