Saturday, 2 May 2015

Springtime Whistler Walk - Alpha Lake to Nita Lake

A short but scenic walk in Whistler is the section of the Valley Trail from Alpha Lake to Nita Lake.

Still Snow On The Mountains In Springtime
Alpha Lake's Beaver Dam 
Check out the beaver dam on Alpha Lake. Beavers in Whistler have to watch out , as bears sometimes prey on them. This dam is fairly safe as it is away from the shore, on an island in the water.  Alpha Lake has lots of evidence of the beavers chewing on trees. Many trees in Alpha Lake Park have their bases covered in wire netting to prevent the beavers from doing too much damage.

Beaver Chop
Another spring time sign in Whistler is the emergence of Skunk Cabbage plants, otherwise referred to as Swamp Lanterns (I like this name better). They add much colour to the landscape at this time of year, and are quite pretty if you can overlook their smell.

Swamp Lanterns 
Alpha Lake also has a nice park and dock.

Now head along the Valley Trail, past the beautiful Nita Lake Lodge to Nita Lake.

Nita Lake 
You can finish your walk here at Nita Lake or if you like keep on going along the trail. There is lots of scenery to enjoy.

Springtime Colour

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