Saturday, 2 May 2015

Whistler Walk - Nita Lake to Alta Lake Park

Another short Whistler walk to do is from Nita Lake to Alta Lake Park.  You can start at the Nita Lake Lodge and stroll along the Valley Trail towards Alta Lake.

Check out the Leaning Tree on the trail.

A short distance further on the trail you will come to a junction at the giant pinecone statue.

Public Art On The Valley Trail 

Keep to the left at the junction, walking alongside the trail near the railway tracks.  A very short distance later you will come to the sign for Alta Lake Park on the right hand side.

Follow the trail into this small park. This park has beautiful views of Alta Lake and of the mountains.

The Beauty of Whistler 
Check out the giant chairs. This is a fun place to take a break.

Enormous Chairs To Sit In The Sun 
There are some old cars and remnants of old machinery, I guess from the property's former past, which adds to the eclectic nature of the space.

Remnants Of The Past 
Check out the dock for a premier view of the lake and mountains.

Follow the trail back to the Valley Trail. There are still some small cabins near the lake.

Rustic Cabin 
Enjoy the park and your walk!

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